Spring MicroServices In Depth using Domain Driven Design

Spring MicroServices In Depth using Domain Driven Design

Implement Microservices using DDD step by step. Understand how to implement spring microservices with realtime usecase

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to develop microservices using best industry practises
  • The usecase which is used will be implementing DDD Concepts in an easily to understandable way
  • Learn the internals of spring cloud
  • After every module you will be having exercises to be done. So, get a very good practical experience
  • You will develop an use case starting from scratch and will finish it using best practises.
  • The use case used in this course will act as a good POC for implementing Microservices


  • Good understanding on Spring Framework and Spring boot basics


I believe that based on how an instructor introduces and talks about the concepts, you will start thinking in same way.

Even though other courses teach similar topics, the way i deliver the concept is different and it will definitely impact the way you think.

I make sure that you think in a right direction after u listen to my lectures. If you go with cheap courses, that may affect the way you think and it will impact your career also. So, think wisely before you choose a course. Don’t take a course because it is cheap

Firstly, we will implement an use case with Domain driven design approach.

Understand problems with this application.

Then use Spring cloud modules step by step with same use case and finally develop full use case.

The use case discussed can be used as a reference implementation when you are developing your application.

You will understand the internals of all the spring cloud modules in the agenda.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to architects

This course gave very good insight into designing application using DDD with example and implementing the same in microservices architecture using various patterns. I liked the right mix of theory and hands-on with organised structure of this course. Recommend to anyone who is about to start or improvise the microservices architecture at their work.

Course content

12 sections • 38 lectures • 11h 33m total length
  • Introduction
  • Lab documents and workspace for labs
  • Implementing Message Driven Microservices using Spring Cloud Stream and RabbitMq
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Working with Eureka Server and creating Eureka Cluster
  • Using Ribbon for achieving Client side load balancing
  • Using Hystrix for implementing Circuit breaker and bulk head pattern
  • Using Feign to write declarative Rest Api Clients
  • Using Zuul as API Gateway
  • Cloud Configuration Server
  • Integration with ELK , Distributed tracing with Sleuth and using zipkin
  • EventSourcing CQRS and Saga patterns

Created by: Sivaprasad Valluru, (An Instructor with pratical approach)

Last updated 5/2020
English [Auto]
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