Build web applications without writing any code with bubble

Build web applications without writing any code with bubble

Create web apps with visual programming using bubble

What you’ll learn

  • Build a Photo Sharing Web App from scratch
  • Build a Todo list App from scratch
  • Build a user registration and signup system from scratch
  • Create database and database fields
  • Create workflow events and actions
  • Install and use pluggins in your apps
  • Create multi pages for your applications
  • Design applications using bubble application editor
  • Display data using repeating groups
  • Nest elements inside popups
  • Using floating groups
  • Nest elements inside groups
  • Implement security using privacy rules
  • Test application in development and live environment
  • Deploying application to live environment
  • View data stored in database
  • Switch between live and development databases
  • Use conditional statements
  • Create custom states
  • Dynamic data integration


  • A bubble hobby account.
  • No technical skills necessary.
  • Lots of motivation


Bubble is a powerful visual programming and hosting platform.  It allows you to build various types of applications using it’s application editor which contains elements that allows you to visually design your applications and also create workflow events and actions for your applications.  You can build simple one page to multi page applications with bubble. Bubble allows you to build both simple and complex applications.

There has been an increase in software platforms providing tools to enable people who can not code to develop applications and build solutions without writing a single line of code.

Bubble is easy to learn for people who do not know how to code and don’t want to spend lots of money hiring developers  to build applications and software for them.  Bubble also host your application for you.

In this course we will build a photo sharing app and a Todo app complete with user registration systems.  After building these practical hands on projects you will build the confidence to build your own projects using bubble  platform.

Bubble is growing in popularity among the no code platform tools.

What you will learn include:

  • Exploring and using Bubble Editor
  • Page layout and design
  • Workflow logic
  • Database design
  • Using styles
  • Utilizing plugins
  • Custom States
  • Repeating group filtering and sorting
  • Dynamic data integration
  • Conditional statements
  • Privacy settings
  • Deploying application to live environment

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to build their own applications and software but do not know how to code
  • Anyone curious about app development but can’t code

Course content

2 sections • 24 lectures • 2h 48m total length
  • Getting Started ( Build a Photo Sharing App)
  • Todo APP
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Last updated 10/2020
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